Assured Data

Kaptec Assured Data, powered by Solarwinds N-central, will change the way that you support and interact with your infrastructure. The N-central suite of managed services software provides a complete platform for monitoring, managing and supporting your customers’ environments.


Automation Manager

Drag and drop automation to effortlessly automate just about anything.

Remote Control Manager

For those times when you need to take control.

Help Desk Manager

Easily manage support tickets to make sure problems get resolved.

Report Manager

Show the value of your services with beautiful customer facing reports.


Patch Manager

Globally approve patches for all customer devices

Security Manager

Centrally monitor the industry’s leading endpoint protection software.

Backup Manager

Backup any data from any virtual or physical device and save space doing it.

Audit Manager

Take the pain out of auditing and allow the system to scan and detect non-compliance.

Mobile Device Manager

Keep track of company devices and apply mobile management best practices.

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