Kaptec’s Conferencing provides simple and cost-effective service allowing our clients to set up an instant audio conference anytime and anywhere and at a significantly lower cost than other network based conferencing offerings.

Software Economics
Conventional video systems lock you into custom hardware, specialized chips, and a heavy-duty infrastructure just to support multiple participants in a conference. Our conferencing solutions are different delivering greater performance and value with every generation.

Quality Collaboration
Enhance collaboration with multi-party content sharing, a feature where multiple participants can share content into the conference at the same time. Quality is consistent even in large conferences spanning multiple geographies.

Reliable Performance
Any network link — particularly Internet and wireless connections — can suffer from congestion and packet loss. When bad stuff happens, our solutions gracefully conceal errors when necessary, and restore quality when conditions improve.

Global Scalability
Delivering 100+ concurrent HD connections per virtual appliance or unit of rack space optimizing the video stream to each conference participant. This remarkably effective and efficient architecture conserves bandwidth and ensures an optimal experience for everyone.
Need even more capacity? Just add physical or virtual Routers anywhere in the network.

Investment Protection
Say goodbye to forklift upgrades. While legacy systems lock you into old standards and equipment, all of the solution components are software-upgradable to deliver new features and enhanced performance.

Seamless Integration
The core intellectual property, APIs, SDK, and development framework delivered by us already powers widely-deployed applications like Philips healthcare solutions and Google+ Hangouts.

Let Kaptec expand your mind in what Conferencing can deliver. Maximise what you have got and build a roadmap for the future


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