Contact Centre

Contact Centre is where we started.

Here at Kaptec, we have developed a fantastic reputation as a solutions provider which allows us to work with the best companies, the most exciting roles and provide the most suitable technicians.

Combined with our highly trained and motivated consultants and leading edge technologies, what we have is a company which is dynamic, focused and delivers the right result. We work hard at building close relationships with our clients. We never forget we are dealing with people; individuals with unique needs and goals, not just a collection of technical skills. You will be treated professionally and with respect.

The world of work is changing, with technology and behaviours influencing the way we work, how we work, when we work and who we work with.

Our Contact Centre solutions are designed to maximise workforce productivity within your organisation, where collaboration is shifted beyond office boundaries to enable communication with suppliers, customers and partners.

New ways of working means the work place is no longer has to be confined to an office location; we can work and collaborate from anywhere. The emerging “Generation Y” employees also have increasing expectations of the technology available to them to do their jobs, and if it doesn’t meet these expectations, they will bring their own. (BOYD). In many cases their home-based technology is better than that at experienced at work.

Working with you providing improved levels of collaboration enable ideas and innovation to thrive meaning customers is happier, employees more motivated and goals and aspirations are achieved.

A contact centre manages all client contact through a variety of media such as telephone, fax, letter, e-mail and increasingly, online live chat.

Distinct from call centres, that purely handle telephone correspondence, contact centres have a variety of roles that combine to provide an all encompassing solution to client, and customer contact. Contact centres, along with call centres and communication centres all fall under a larger umbrella labelled as the contact centre management industry. This is becoming a rapidly growing business sector in itself, as the capabilities of contact centres expand and thus require ever more complex systems and highly skilled operational and management staff.

The majority of large companies use contact centres as a means of managing their customer interaction. These centres can be operated in two major ways, the first, by having an in house department responsible for the day to day communications with customers, the second to outsource customer interaction to a third party agency.

Let Kaptec expand your mind in what contact centres can deliver. Maximise what you have got and build a roadmap for the future.

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“......a partner that matched our organisational people culture together with the requirements for flexibility” ... IT Director First Names Group.