Global Service Desk

Kaptec’s Global Service Desk (GSD) is the initial point-of-contact with the customer, support agencies or end user.

It is essential that this first contact is an efficient experience; and globally deployed technology for best in class service. We believe it is essential that the Service Desk is capable, to ensure prompt response, resolution and end-user satisfaction.

We also act as a seamless component of your support function, which understands your business. Additionally, it is important your business, its challenges and the Service Desk be cost effective, transparent and controllable, and integrated with all functions in the organization.

The GSD combines highly trained and dedicated people operating within standardized priorities. For that reason, we work with you to ensure our agents have a deep appreciation of the business impact of what they do every day.

Being a packaged, scalable solution designed it ensures the business is in control and fully aware: fully aware of incidents – when they happen and when they are resolved; fully aware of performance against Service Level Agreements (SLA); and fully aware of the value that the Service Desk brings to the business.

Our comprehensive set of people, products and standards guarantees speedy and satisfactory incident resolution and improved productivity for the end user. Our customized Global Service desk offer provides;

•    prompt visibility of high-priority, business-impacting incidents;
•    meaningful data on service availability, quality, satisfaction and value;
•    transparency, control of costs and metrics with proper process controls;
•    consistency of service across geographies giving enhanced user perception and experience;
•    flexibility to respond to business change.

The GSD flexes and adapts to your business needs. It can respond to peaks and troughs in your daily, weekly or monthly business cycle, and can provide access to High Priority Incident & Problem Managers who perform trending and root cause analysis as required.

Using “customised industrialisation” we shape our service scope, best practices and processes to fit your business practices and culture.

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“......a partner that matched our organisational people culture together with the requirements for flexibility” ... IT Director First Names Group.