Essential expertise, value, and innovation are what our Project Engineers bring to your organization; time-tested solution experts who understand and work with you to deliver your requirements

Service in detail
Implementing a whole solution is not without its risks. It helps to be able to call on the services of specialists to make sure the new system meets its deliverables. We have a wide range of services for you to choose from, from a simple plug in of a new system to a full implementation plan including training and hand-over.

We will supply you with application ready solutions as per your specifications and requirements. We can bunch a whole range of core system level software and install so that you don’t have to understand or manage it, which leaves you free to focus on your business.

The advantage we offer is that your staff members do not have to have specialist knowledge at all levels and for all vendors. We can take away this level of work leaving your people to concentrate on your specific business needs.

We are authorised vendor-specific suppliers, which enables us to provide the primary support interface to your account base as necessary. It allows us to combine our own customer centric support strategy with vendors’ core service offerings providing you with industry leading support capabilities aimed at ensuring extremely high levels of Business Continuity.

The benefits
Our system implementation service can offer you the following benefits:

•    Plug and play implementation.
•    Expertise and experience.
•    Less risk because we know the system we are implementing well.
•    Efficiency.
•    Skills transfer after the system is in place.

Once the systems are installed, our enterprise specialists are available to implement the total solution. The range of skills available is broad and includes all skills specific to your chosen solution.

To ensure that the project meets the agreed timescales, our infrastructure consultants will also assist in the project management of the project. This includes attending regular review meetings, agreeing milestones, changes to the scope of work, taking necessary actions and issues before completing the project signoff documentation.

Once the project is complete, we can also supply additional educational workshops and skills transfer.

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