To manage and comply with the complexities of in-country procurement, legislations and taxes, we can work with our partners to ensure that the procurement of goods, services or works are procured in the most cost efficient way to meet your requirements in terms of  quality, quantity, time, and location

Kaptec Worldwide together with its partners you are committed to an ongoing transparent relationship where we add our collective skills and experience to your business and become an extension of your purchasing power.

Kaptec Worldwide Procurement life cycle consists of five steps:

Identification of need: understanding the company needs) followed by defining technical direction and requirements.

Supplier Identification: identify who can provide the required product/service.

Supplier Communication: requests for quotation, requests for proposals, requests for information or requests for tender may be advertised, or direct contact may be made with the suppliers. References for product/service quality are consulted, and any requirements for follow-up services including installation, maintenance, and warranty are investigated

Negotiation: Negotiations are undertaken, and price, availability, and customization possibilities are established. Delivery schedules are negotiated, and a contract to acquire the Procurement Service is completed and signed.

Logistics Management: Supplier preparation, expediting, shipment, delivery, and payment for the service are completed, based on contract terms.


focussed on excellence – powered by relationship

“......a partner that matched our organisational people culture together with the requirements for flexibility” ... IT Director First Names Group.