Project Management

Let our Prince2 accredited Project Managers guide your organization through the global implementation process, addressing issues and managing risks during each phase of the project. We are not only responsible for the success of your systems – we also work to facilitate productivity and strong communication among your people.

Service in detail:
Our approach to project management, control, delivery and quality assurance is governed by our project management methodology which is based on the principles of PRINCE2.

Mitigating risk of project failure is a key focus. At the heart of our project management approach is a weekly progress meeting conducted by the project manager to ensure that the project stays on track and to deal with any issues raised. This hand on approach vastly reduces the risk associated with any project and ensures continuous communication between us.

Kaptec have developed a phased approach to solutions delivery breaks projects down into smaller deliverables and provides you with the following benefits:

•    A structured step by step approach
•    A value added deliverable after each phase
•    Smaller projects means a smaller sign off authorisation is required
•    Rapid execution of a fully managed solution delivery
•    Continuous quality assurance
•    Flexibility and scalability
•    Continuous communication and transparency
•    Reduced risk

The challenge
Project Management is the approach used to plan, manage and co-ordinate tasks, resources and actions to produce the timely delivery of products in order to achieve an end result.

Employing a project manager is an investment to ensure that projects are successful. The project manager will have the time and ability to plan, manage, organise resource, and manage issues, risks and products. They will manage change, prevent costs from spiralling and ensure time restrictions are not ignored. They will communicate progress to the project sponsors, the people who are paying for a result.

It is important that those who commission a project, those who manage it and those who work on it will have the same ideas about how things should be organised and when different aspects of the project will be completed. Also those involved have to be clear about how much responsibility, authority and accountability they have.

The question is if you don’t employ a project manager, then how much will it cost to rectify problems and issues when the project fails or goes over budget?

Our solution
Our project managers will anticipate changes and plan tasks and resources to secure timely delivery of products and to communicate progress and results to stakeholders.

In order to do this we use well established industry standards for the execution of projects. We developed our methodology from the nationally recognised PRINCE2 Project Management methodology. All our project managers are PRINCE2 accredited which means you always get highly skilled people to run your projects. We will help you decide if you need a full-time experienced project manager, or if your project just needs a part-time involvement to make it successful.

For larger projects we offer a managed project service.  We will appoint a Project Board to provide overall control of the project, authorise closure of completed stages and advancement to the next stage. The head of the Project Board will ensure that the project remains viable from the business perspective and continues to meet the current business case, whilst the Project Manager will manage delivery on a day-to-day basis. This approach takes into account that key decision makers usually have full time commitments elsewhere, and it allows them the option to be involved only at key decision points whilst retaining full visibility and control of the project direction.

Other key components of our managed project service include Product Based Planning, Risk Management and the establishment of controls to ensure the project manager can accurately measure and report on quality and progress against the plan. There is a specific process that each project will go through in order to achieve successful completion, and these are built into the project plan.

The benefits
The benefits of using our Project Management service are:
•    You get an experienced project manager to plan your project and resolve any issues as they arise.
•    Your resources and activities are properly and cost effectively managed.
•    You get in depth communication between those working on your project to ensure that the delivery of your project meets expectations.
•    Your project manager will keep tabs on costs and duration to ensure that any potential budget overspends is flagged and missed deadlines are avoided
•    You get a detailed project plan that ensures sufficient measurable objectives.
•    Your project manager will plan resources, activities and scheduling.
•    You will get a fully controlled project with effective monitoring of progress and status.
•    Your project will be quality controlled; resulting in the delivery of products that are accepted and the need for rework is avoided.
•    You get a project management service at a cost and involvement scaled to your project.

We know how important it is to find the right person to do the job. As we would with our own internal projects, we make sure that your project manager is right for your business:

•    Highly experienced. Our project managers all have experience of managing a large range of diverse projects and have a proven background in IT or engineering.
•    Local. We can match you with a project manager who is available to you locally.
•    Market Sectors. Our resources allow us to provide project managers with specific experience in your industry if required.
•    Security Cleared. Our project managers have various levels of security clearance which means we can match the security requirements of your project.


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