Service Delivery

The primary goal of Service Delivery is to ensure that the delivery of services to our customers is in line with our commitments.

Kaptec provide four levels of Service Delivery Management

•    Desk Based – A team of desk based Service Managers who work with you to manage your Service requirements outside of Incident Management
•    Allocated/Assigned – A team of Field based Service Mangers who manage several accounts
•    Dedicated – A Service Manager who works with you and integrates with you for all your business requirements.
•    Arbitral – A Service Manager who provides a flexible and efficient procedure for resolving Supplier/Customer disputes. The level of service offered by an Arbitral Service Manager can range from simple appointment of a default arbitrator to full supervision and monitoring from the beginning to the end of the proceedings

Typical deliverables include:

•   Service Performance Reports that measure the performance against SLAs, trend identification, impact and risk analysis including offering relevant advice
•   Root Cause Analysis reports and management of consequential actions
•   Service Level Management that  maintains your service data and ownership of complex service matters
•   Continuous Service Improvement in order to maximise efficiency and reduce risk
•   Business Activity Management provides accountability of the execution and review of subscribed ITIL-aligned Business Activities (Change, Problem, Service Lifecycle etc)
•   Service Reviews provide presentation of the above services and resultant actions

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