Surveys & Audits

Getting the basics right at the outset of a UC deployment or an upgrade delivers demonstrable financial benefit on your capital and operational spend. Kaptec helps you get this right, right from the start.

Service in detail:
Kaptec provides a comprehensive, manual and/or automated audit for your network, unified communications and telephony systems.

Traditional Manual Audit
Kaptec are happy to provide manual audits to collect and document your system data. There are certain risks with this typically where the traditional audit approach has relied heavily on manual investigation, collation and review which add to cost, delay and inaccuracy.

Additionally the information is only current at the time it is collected, and with the size and nature of enterprise organisations this presents additional on-going challenges.

Manual reports only uncover what resources are configured and administered on a system. The most important facet is whether or not the resources are actually being used.

Automated Audit
Where technically possible Kaptec shall provide automated tools to collect the data and leverage a catalogue of more than 30 detailed capacity and configuration reports.

We’ve found a way to address these issues through our "Virtuality & N-Central” toolset powered by Virsae and N-Able, delivering previously unseen visibility of an organisation’s UC assets and their utilisation over time.

This is a fully automated audit that reconciles configuration data with activity data. This provides the most accurate view of which assets are actually in use and how they are being used. When you do this it uncovers assets that are configured correctly and appear legitimate, but are in fact redundant – and are therefore incurring unnecessary cost for the business.

Most organisations today have complex infrastructures that have evolved and changed direction over time. Maintaining a clear view of your assets including where they are located and how they are being used is often problematic and without accurate detailed information, opportunities to improve efficiency and compliance is hard to identify. Kaptec’s audit service provides complete visibility of all assets.

With a comprehensive audit and analysis of everything you can drive efficiency and compliancy and successfully plan for change programs.

Business Benefits

Efficiency – optimise hardware and software deployment, monitor and improve operational efficiency
Compliance – implement and monitor standards and security compliance and improve environmental reporting
Operational Change – understand the estate and plan effectively for solution transformation.


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