Kaptec has developed a strong resource base over the last 20 years allowing us to support phone systems that are no longer being manufactured, or supported by the manufacturer

Your phone system has supported your company through technical revolutions, industry re-alignments and your dependable solution has been the mainstay of communications with your customers and suppliers.

As a customer, you have made a substantial investment in this phone system and, while no longer supported by the manufacturer, it’s still vital to your business.

Supporting legacy systems at operational efficiency presents some difficult business challenges. Contacting the manufacturer isn’t always a good option because usually the people who answer the service phones only know the new products.

Your current Service Provider may have lost focus on your requirements as your solution moves off their portfolio.
Within the constraints of parts availability, Kaptec can provide you with a support service to enable you keep your system alive and if the unthinkable happens quickly work to provide you with communications to keep your business enabled.


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