Transition Management

Engage with a Transition Manager who will develop and own a Migration Plan, in conjunction with the appropriate processes which will be followed until such time as the service is deemed successfully transitioned into an operational state

Service in detail:
We define Transition as the period of activity involving the transfer of a service from its existing provision to provision by Kaptec.

It involves the take-on of the new service, including any staff provision, and can include transformation of process and solution where appropriate.

We usually anticipate this to take 3 months from contract award to service commencement, during which time we will complete a Transfer of Undertakings - Protection of Employment (TUPE) exercise and make ready both the onsite and centralised services.

We apply our tried and tested transition process, which is based on the PRINCE II methodology, to identify, agree, define and implement the processes required to maximise efficiency and minimise cost.  We will tailor this methodology to meet your exact transition requirements and will include workshops to identify and agree the operational processes and the roles and responsibilities of all involved parties


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