VoIP Telephony

With the introduction of mass-market VoIP services in 2004 and the developing broadband Internet access, allowed Consumer and Corporate users to benefit from IP Telephony services.
VoIP solutions provide inbound and outbound service with direct inbound dialling cutting the costs of making calls across the globe.

Because of the bandwidth efficiency and low costs that VoIP technology can provide, businesses are migrating from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to VoIP systems to reduce their monthly phone costs.

Our VoIP solutions are aimed at businesses who have evolved into unified communications services that treat all communications — phone calls, faxes, voice mail, e-mail, Web conferences, and more—as discrete services that can all be delivered via any means and to any handset, including mobile solutions.
Kaptec can provide a total VoIP telephony service encompassing both cloud based and premise based solutions, so let our consultants work with you to explore the possibility of migration from traditional telephony to VoIP, ensuring you are supported from the start of your journey to the transition to a new solution. Kaptec will give you the reassurance that your organisation is VoIP ready and fit for purpose.


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