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About Avaya

Businesses are built on the experiences they provide and every day millions of those experiences are built by Avaya (NYSE:AVYA). For over one hundred years, we’ve enabled organizations around the globe to win—by creating intelligent communications experiences for customers and
employees. Avaya builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration—in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid of both. To grow your business, we’re committed to innovation, partnership, and a relentless focus on what’s next. We’re the technology company you trust to help you deliver Experiences that Matter. Visit us at www.avaya.com.

Simplify your
so you can Focus
on your Business
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Driving revenue, delighting your customers, ensuring your people are productive. Keeping all the plates spinning is challenging enough without the headaches of poor communications. Avaya Cloud Office can fundamentally enhance the way your business communicates with customers, partners and across your organization by simplifying the way you call, chat, meet and collaborate.

Avaya Cloud Office places you, and all your users, in control of their communications, and delivers a unified communications experience that’s intuitive to use and accessible from a phone, a browser or any mobile device.  From a single interface you’ll chat with colleagues, make and receive calls, plan and join meetings, collaborate with screen sharing and video and keep your teams on-task with file sharing, task management and virtual team rooms that let everyone share and stay up-to-date.

If all those capabilities sound like a lot to manage, don’t worry – we take care of that for you. This public cloud solution from Avaya makes it easy. We keep your solution updated and secure with the latest releases – you don’t need to lift a finger. And Avaya Cloud Office’s flexibility makes it easy to expand as your business grows – in people or locations.

Bring your Communications into the 21st Century

Voice is no longer the only way—or even the preferred way—to stay in touch with customers and colleagues. Instead, chat/Instant Messaging (IM), often begins an interaction that may escalate into an audio, video, or content sharing session. The reality is your employees and customers expect more – they want a seamless and intuitive communications experience that fits into how they work instead of changing the way they work—helping them stay in touch on their device of choice as they move throughout their day.

Avaya Cloud Office creates a portal for communications, allowing your people to quickly transition to the mode that’s exactly right for them at any moment. One click is all it takes to start a call, join a meeting, contribute to a team chat or share content.

Integrated Meetings Keep it Simple and Reduce your Costs

With Avaya Cloud Office, there’s no need to pay for separate meeting services. You’ll enjoy unlimited audio and video conferencing with hundreds of audio or video conference participants. Share your screen and files with colleagues, integrate with your existing conference room systems and create impactful webinar experiences for large audiences.

One Solution Does it All With Avaya Cloud Office

Avaya Cloud Office offers a seamless and intuitive communications experience that fits the way you work. One click is all it takes to start a
call, join a meeting, contribute to a team chat, or share files.

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Secure, Reliable Communications for your Critical Business Needs

The Avaya Cloud Office’s platform ensures you receive the security, reliability and coverage you need to move your business forward.
Enterprise-grade capabilities like multiple, globally distributed data centers, enterprise single sign-on, and flexible role and permissions for administrators ensure your critical business communications remain secure and available when you need them.

Integrations that Make Sense for the Way you Work

You rely on a variety of different tools to get your work done every day: desktop apps, workflow automation, and customer relationship management from such vendors as Google, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft. With Avaya Cloud Office, you can integrate those apps with your communications, creating a seamless experience that eliminates the need to switch between applications. Simple, intuitive and fast. It let’s you get more done.

Understand your Communications. Understand your Business

Take the guess work out of understanding how communications work at your business. Avaya Cloud Office comes complete with an up-to-the-hour advanced call management system and analytics. Use the built-in reports or create your own dashboards with over 30 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You’ll understand such metrics as your utilization, missed calls, time to answer, refused calls, meeting frequency, and system Quality of Service (QoS).

Go Beyond

With Avaya Cloud Office, you’ll go beyond voice communications to a world where multi-media collaboration brings unprecedented productivity
to your users and unprecedented responsiveness to your customers. Flexible, easy to use, feature rich, mobile friendly and backed by Avaya’s award-winning support, Avaya Cloud Office is available today to simplify your communications so you can focus on driving your business forward.



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