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Are you considering call centre outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is the strategic business decision for managing your call center and customer service operations to leverage a 3rd party organisation. A contact centre manages all customer contact through a variety of media such as telephone, fax, letter, email, and more and more live chat online. Software for call centers (or contact center software) is designed to help clients reach customer service businesses. Call center software, designed mainly for telephone support, enables customers to communicate with call center customer service across multiple channels.

Here at Kaptec we have developed a fantastic reputation as an Managed IT service provider. In the early days at Kaptec, our business was built on the expertise delivered via our contact centre. What we have today is a dynamic, focused company that delivers the right result together with our highly trained and motivated consultants and leading edge technologies. We work hard at building close relationships with our clients on a day to day basis. We offer 24/7 customer relationship management support (CRM) to our Irish and international customers throughout the year. Our ISO accredited team specialises in providing tailor-made solutions for their multi-channel contact center to SME and corporate customers. We’re never forgetting that we’re dealing with people, people with unique needs and goals, not just a collection of technical expertise. You will be treated professionally and with respect.

The work world is changing, with technology and behaviors affecting how we work, when we work, and with whom we work. Our contact centre solutions are designed to maximise the productivity of your organisation’s workforce, where collaboration moves beyond office boundaries to allow communication with suppliers, customers and partners.

New ways of working means the work place no longer has to be confined to an office location; we can work and collaborate from anywhere. The emerging “Generation Y” employees also have increasing expectations of the technology available to them to do their jobs, and if it doesn’t meet these expectations, they will bring their own, (BOYD). In many cases their home-based technology is better than that experienced at work.

We love nothing more than working with our clients to provide improved levels of collaboration, enabling ideas and innovation. Resulting in customers that are happier, employees that are more motivated and goals, and aspirations achieved.

Let Kaptec host your contact center in the cloud, or its components. We can provide out-of-the-box features and multi-channel services on our network and in our data center to enable your business to reach customers locally or globally. We can help you reduce service costs while providing a better customer experience.

Organisations seeking to exploit the value of superior customer contact experiences and improve profitability find a competitive advantage in Kaptec’s flexible outsourcing solutions. With every contact, Kaptec can help you improve the relationship with your customers. This will increase your income, retain valued customers and allow you to focus your business activities without worries.

Kaptec provide services including:

Telephone Answering:

Our Telephone Answering Call Centre Service is available 365 days of the year. We are an ISO Accredited Call Center with full call recording and call reporting features with packages tailored to your needs.

Email Handling Service:

We aim to reply in less than 1 hour to all emails. Kaptec offers a guaranteed 24 x 7 personally touched service delivery. Our flexible agents are experienced from retail to IT support and will represent your business with professionalism.

Live Chat:

Your customers will be able to chat with one of our agents in real time with our Live Chat Support Contact Center service.

Our teams are focused on customer engagement and problem resolution. Talk to our contact centre manager to develop the best level of support for you and your business.

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We can work

and collaborate

from anywhere.

Does my business need contact centre support?

Distinct from call centers, which handle pure telephone correspondence, contact centers have a variety of roles that combine to provide customer and customer contact with an all-encompassing solution.

Contact centers, call centers and communication centers are all labeled as the contact center management industry under a larger umbrella. As contact center capabilities expand and require even more complex systems and highly skilled operational and management staff, this is becoming a rapidly growing business sector in itself.

Responding to the phones while trying to keep daily operations running can be burdensome for small businesses. However, it is simply not an option to ignore incoming phone calls. Poor customer service is a major way to lose business, so what can you do to avoid disrupting your work by ringing phones?

Call centers provide outsourced phone management solutions that take the burden off your shoulder to respond to the phones and manage customer service. From simple response services and message delivery to comprehensive customer service, call centers offer services that meet the needs of any business.

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Let Kaptec expand your mind in what contact centres can deliver.
Maximise what you have got and build a road map for the future
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