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The business of your business is another element to be managed, but often, IT management and problem resolution can take over from the core business itself. A Managed IT service provider allows a business to outsource all their IT Operations. A Manged IT services provider assumes the responsibility for the organisation’s IT systems including 24/7 monitoring and problem resolution for employees and IT systems.

Local or international businesses need technology to run efficiently and to compete in the marketplace. However, with increased reliance on technology, the resources needed to support the increasingly complex IT environment may not be available. For a small business IT resources are limited and can become overwhelming.

A managed it service may be the solution to your for you.

Regular maintenance on systems, security and system back-ups can lead to higher risk for system outages that can damage your business. Any loss of productivity can negatively impact on customer satisfaction and revenue. Keeping your systems in full health always allows you to focus your business, it’s growth and sustainability.

Kaptec Managed IT Services offers your business customer services and support where you can choose the blend that’s right for your business. Our expert teams view every interaction as an opportunity to ensure the customer is satisfied and ensures you exceed expectations each and every time. We partner with your organisation to ensure your get maximum impact from the technology and infrastructure.

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We are an ISO 27001, ISO 9001 accredited and a GDPR ready organisation. We provide bespoke, flexible and innovative Service & Support to businesses across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Kaptec will provide you with a full range of life cycle services to underpin your total business requirements.

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All of the features of Essential and Standard Support packages are included in assurance, along with:

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Our industry respected monitoring tools manage and detect event notifications, which help predict the likely occurrence of incidents. The detection of incidents triggers our Incident Resolution process. This planned approach means that many incidents are proactively resolved before they are even experienced by your end-users, contributing to overall customer satisfaction. Understanding possible incidents, prevention and ensuring they do not occur again safe guard your business systems.

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Kaptec understands that not all service requests relate to incidents or changes. It might be the case that users need assistance in either understanding or maximising the benefit of a particular application or equipment feature or function. Requests of this type are logged, managed and fulfilled in the same way as all other service requests, with the appropriate user assistance provided.

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The Kaptec assigned Major Incident Manager (MIM) assumes overall responsibility for the incident. The Major Incident manager (MIM) will operate as senior management working on your behalf. they will be available to attend conference calls and co-ordinate the required resources as necessary to deliver the fastest resolution when major incidents occur. The MIM is a dedicated expert who works for the best interests of your business.

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We provide an ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) aligned process for managing the lifecycle of all problems. This eliminates or reduces the risk of recurring incidents as well as minimising the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.

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Asset & Configuration support is the process that documents all of your physical and logical assets and IT components within your organisation. Kaptec provide the data you need to feed into your Asset & Configuration Governance Process.

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We can offer a choice of Change Management options, ranging from representation on your Change Advisory Board to full management of your changes.


For organisations that require greater service level assurance and availability management, Kaptec’s Assured Voice and Data services allows you to re-assign resources to key business priorities. Our team of Communications experts will become part of your internal support team, focusing on maximising the benefits for your customers.

Assured Services provides all the features of Essential and Standard Support, but it is underpinned by a set of Integrated Voice and Data software tools. These will allow your Kaptec support team to manage the tasks associated with your infrastructure. This tool set can cover everything from procurement and installation to repair and removal.

What does our Assured Data Service include?

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Virtuality – powered by Virsae, is a comprehensive, automated audit and monitoring toolset for your Unified Communications platforms, especially where assets are distributed across numerous sites and are servicing multiple business units. The transparency offered by this service allows those businesses operating from across the globe to streamline their audit and monitoring systems to analyse, review and improve services.

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Our integrated tools will change the way that you support and interact with your infrastructure. The suite of managed services software provides a complete platform for monitoring, managing and supporting your customers’ environments.

Key benefits

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Virtuality provides rich visibility of the configuration, capacity, and utilisation of UC assets.

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Virtuality leverages a catalogue of more than 30 detailed capacity and configuration reports to enable and support recommendations to the customer. Offering this tool is an exceptional add on for the user, recognising their needs and offering possible solutions. Virtuality reports contain invaluable information relating to consumed capacity. This level of information is possible by using the unique ability Virtuality has. Under the ITIL framework it links Configuration Management with Capacity and Change Management to display actual real world usage of Configuration Items.

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Kaptec takes the data collected through Monitoring & Event Management and provides a detailed report that highlights potential concerns as well as making suitable recommendations. Access to detailed data collected by an impartial system allows the business to make rational and informed decisions. This is particularly important when approaching capacity queries, availability for growth and analysing performance thus far.

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Virtuality follows best practice standards laid down by ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) the most widely adopted approach for IT service management in the world. In line with the ITIL ethos, we make sure that our services align with your business objectives and underpin your core business processes. Working in line with these tried and tested standards will allow your IT management to flow with your business objectives.

Managed IT services allow organisations to outsource the management of their entire IT infrastructure to a trusted provider.

6 top reasons why managed services can be beneficial to an organisation’s IT strategy.

Up-To-Date Expertise and Hardware

Organisations will achieve peace of mind knowing their IT environments and infrastructure are proactively maintained and kept secure by highly skilled technical specialists. As a Kaptec customer, you do not have to worry about maintaining IT hardware, managing an on-site data centre, or monitoring your applications. Our experts will take care of all of that for you. Managed services providers that we work with own and operate global data centres’. They often have several layers of redundancy, covering security, network connectivity, and power to ensure that there are no single points of failure.

Predictable Monthly Costs

Providers will architect a managed IT solution that is fully customised to the needs of your organisation. As a result you only pay for what you use. They also become an extension of your internal IT team Combining technologies

Forego hiring additional support staff

Outsourcing IT management to a third-party vendor means you don’t have to invest in additional resources to support your critical IT infrastructure and applications.

Greater Scalability to Accelerate Growth and Expansion Activities

When a company outsources their IT management activities, they are able to accelerate growth and global expansion initiatives. You should choose a provider with a presence in a region your business could potentially grow to, who has local support and staff readily available.

Reduce costs and save time

Engaging with a trusted vendor means you will have predictable monthly costs to cover your IT infrastructure and environment. You do not need to worry about maintenance costs, buying additional hardware and equipment, or spending time maintaining your on-premise infrastructure.

Compliance and security:

You can rest assured that your company is minimising the risks associated with maintaining client data, credit card numbers and sensitive competitive information

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