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Our on-site WiFi Surveys are for people planning new WiFi installation or upgrading existing infrastructure.

Our team of experts deliver professional WiFi Surveys, providing the detailed information required to design reliable networks. This includes the investigation and identification of the following key areas:

● Quality Coverage

● Any Sources of WiFi Interference

● Poor signal or quality of connection

● Optimum Access points

● Accurate Costs

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Middle East & North Africa.

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Your On-site Survey

During your survey the following key elements of your infrastructure are analysed and assessed, to deliver the critical information for a successful wireless infrastructure that underpins your businesses performance.
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WiFi Heatmaps

Our survey experts use the leading software to develop your WiFi coverage heat maps that detect coverage, capacity and any interference that may be present. 

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We understand the importance of a strong WiFi network in optimising our clients overall business performance. Our software analysis this coverage and identifies weak points which require improvements.

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Designing a network that can meet the capacity and demands of our clients business needs is front and centre to a well designed Kaptec network infrastructure. We have worked with multiple large, complex networks and our experience helps guide clients on current and future system capacity.

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Interference in networks can often be as a result of machines, microwaves and or other devices which can be negatively affecting the quality of your WiFi spectrum.

If your organisation frequently experiences a reduced quality in your WiFi coverage then this could be as a result of one or more of these issues.

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Case Study

Client Profile: Large Manufacturing Facility

Key Business Functions: Operations, Accounts, Marketing & Supply Chain

Number of Access Points: 350

Brief & Scope: To provide an accurate assessment of the current WiFi performance along with identification and source of weak points along with costs for upgrading. The client wanted the perimeters of the existing WiFi to be expanded to include an on site out door car park.

The Project:
Kaptec engineers visited the site and identified some key issues with the existing infrastructure which was leading to a sub par performance on the network. The expansion of the WiFi perimeters meant that an assessment was made in terms of the new area and any potential weak points were identified.

The final part of the survey included a full costing for works to be completed to upgrade the existing infrastructure, allow for the new structure to be added, with the optimised performance in weaker points. material costs were also supplied and outlined so the client was armed with clear costings before the investment began.

The solution:
The overall plant fit out took two weeks. During installation, network interruptions were minimal ensuring that the installation had very little impact on employee operations within the plant.

“I was delighted with the work carried out by the Kaptec engineers, the increased speed and effectiveness in our network has had a direct impact on our output which has delivered a positive ROI for us” Dave, Global Financial Director, Czech Republic

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